Hello Partner!

Here at Upbrix European Property we are on a mission to help European property owners find buyers and tenants directly without an estate agent.

Yes, it is a big task and we know we can’t do it alone that is why we have developed our partner program where we reward our partners for referring advertisers to us.

For each new customer you send our way we reward you with a commssion of 50%. Listing a property with us costs 49 €, meaning your commission is 24.5 € per sale!

It is estimated that around 4 million houses are sold in Europe each year, that is more than 10000 new potential customers a day! Are you ready to tap into this huge market?


Your Share is 50%

Your commission is 50% on all purchases made by a client referred by you. That is 24.5 € per property listed.

365 Day Cookies

Cookies are valid for 365 days to ensure that you get credited for all your referrals.

Lifetime commissions

Once a customer has completed a purchase their account will be linked to yours. Forever.

Clean Reporting

We use AffiliateWP to track referrals and provide you with accurate reports.

PayPal or Bank Transfer

Payments are processed once a month for sales older than 30 days and paid directly to your PayPal or Bank account.

Free Advertising

When you sign up as an affiliate you can advertise with us for free. Enjoy!

Discount Codes

Request your unique discount code and use those instead of affiliate urls to earn commission.* The discount code is yours only and each purchase where it is used will be allocated to your account.

No Minimum

We have a no minimum payout policy, you will always receive any commissions owed.

No affiliate links required

Direct link tracking allows us to identify visitors arriving from your website by checking the referrer url. Simply add your website and we will take care of the rest. **

* Maximum 25% discount
** Traditional affiliate links are also available to support promotions outside of your website