We love Europe and believe it is the best place on Earth to live!

If you are lucky enough to live or consider living here you are one of our favourite people and we made this website just for you to help on your journey when moving places!

We are on a mission to help European property owners find buyers and tenants directly without the need for an estate agent.

Here is what we will do for you if you want to sell

We will help you sell without an estate agent. Sorry agents!
Nobody needs and estate agent. We will provide you with all the tools and information you need to go it alone! Check out our resources for sellers and see how much you could save and even pay yourself instead of paying someone else. Anyone can do it, you can do it too!

We will connect you with a global audience. Promise.
The world is getting smaller by the day and more people than ever move to another country to live, work, learn and retire in. Take control and increase your reach from local to global in a few easy steps by listing your European property with us. Sell locally, advertise globally.

Provide a level playing field. For everyone.
We are an all-inclusive property portal and care deeply for all our advertisers. Anyone can list a property with us (provided it is in Europe) and the same conditions apply to everyone. Same price, same listing format, same method of creating listings, same everything!

Here is what we will do for you if you want to buy

Show you properties that are cared for.
All our properties are submitted manually on our website by their owners to ensure maximum attention to detail. No fake listings by estate agents to lure you in and add to their books!

Serious advertisers
Our advertisers understand the importance of international buyers and are prepared to negotiate with you directly.

Search without borders
Our borderless search lets you find properties in multiple countries within the same geographical area, how cool is that!

Are you ready?